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A2 Economics - Microeconomics “Business Economics & Economic Efficiency”

1. Costs, Revenues and Profits - Key terms + Formulae 
2. Profit Maximisation
3. Revenue Maximisation
4. Price Discrimination
5. Sales Maximisation 
6. Perfect Competition 
7. Short-run costs
8. Efficiencies
9.Different Objectives of Firms
8. Principal Agent Problem
9. Oligopolies
10. Natural Monopoly
11. Monopsony
12. Public Private Partnerships PPPs
13. Oligopolies - notes from A Level textbook
14. Barriers to entry and exit
15. Mergers and demergers
16. Law of diminishing marginal returns
17. Shut-down point 
18. Concentration Ratios
19. Game Theory: Prisoner's Dilemma
20. Game Theory: Kinked Demand Curve
21. Pricing Strategies 
22. Monopolistic Competition 
23. Economies & Diseconomies of scale
24. Monopoly

A2 Economics - Macroeconomics “The Global Economy” 
1. Globalisation
2. Patterns of International Trade
3. Absolute and Comparative Advantage
4. More International Trade
5. World Trade Organisation
6. Trade Blocs
7. Protectionism in the news
8. Protectionism
9. Limits to growth and development revision pack
10. Declining Terms of trade [PrebishSinger Hypothesis]
11. Social + Economic indicators of development
12. Fiscal Policy and Budgetary Objectives
13. Monetary Policy and Inflation
14. Response to Question Regarding Exchange Rates
15. Supply Side Policies and Economic Growth
16. Aggregate Demand and Aggregate Supply Models
17. Factors Determining Exchange Rates
18. Response to another exchange rates question
19. Question on Inequality
20. The Recent Development of India
21. Strategies to promote growth and development revision pack
22. Balance of Payments
23. Balance of Payment forth quarter of 2010
24. Poverty and Inequality Table
25. Competitiveness
26. Financing International Trade - Causes and effects of movements in the Forex market and the costs and benefits of being part of EU monetary union
27. More Fiscal Policy

A2 RS - “Religious Ethics G582”

Business Ethics
1. Examples of whistle-blowing
2. Utilitarianism and Business Ethics
3. Application of Natural Law to Business Ethics
4. What are the issues in Business Ethics?
5. Kantian approach to Business Ethics
6. Application of Virtue Theory to Business Ethics

Virtue Ethics
1. Virtue Theory Revision Pack
2. Strengths and Weaknesses of Virtue Theory
3. Eudaimonia, Virtue Theory & Utilitarianism 

1. Analogy of the Conscience in Aquinas’ eyes in pictures
2. Aquinas on the conscience - Keywords 
3. Aquinas on the conscience

Environmental Ethics
1. Gaia- Taking ethics higher
2. Conservation Ethics

Sexual Ethics

1. Christian Approach to sexual ethics
2. Virtue Ethics and sexual ethics
3. Natural Law and sexual ethics
4. Issues and Ancient Attitudes towards Sexual Ethics

Free-will and Determinism
1. Honderich and Hard determinism
2. Hume and Soft determinism
3. Locke and determinism

1. Prescriptivism 
2. Emotivism
3. Intuitionalism 
4. Naturalism

A2 RS - “Philosophy of Religion G581” 

1. Univocal vs Equivocal Language activity
2. An introduction to religious language
3. Symbol
4. Scholarly views on Religious Language [Tillich, Wittgenstein, Vienna Circle, Ayer and Flew]
5. Evaluation of Analogy
6. Short Hand MindMap of Analogy
7. Analogy
8. William James Arguments from religious experience
9. William James Arguments from religious experience VIDEO
10. Revelation through Scripture
11. Strengths and Weaknesses of Religious Experience
12. Religious Experience: Other ideas (Marx, Lash, Alston + Swiburne)
13. Defining a miracle
14. Biblical Miracles
15. Hume's Case Against Miracles + Responses
16. Wiles' Case Against Miracles
17. Myth
18. The Body Soul Distinction 
19. The Via Negativa
20. Strengths and Weaknesses of the Via Negativa
21. Strong and Weak Verification principle
22. Verification Principle
23. Religious Experience Key Terms
24. Are miracles logically impossible? [Hume, McKinnon, Flew, Methodological Naturalism]
25. Descartes - 'I think therefore I am'
26. Plato and the Soul
27. Aristotle on the soul
28. Miracles Quiz I
29. Modern Explanation of Miracles
30. Flew and life after death
31. Religious Experience as a means for proving God's existence
32. Contingency definition of a miracle
33. 'By definition, a miracle can never happen' Discuss
34. Past Question from old spec adapted