About This Blog

In this blog I aim to teach parts of the A2 syllabus as well as share my passion with you for these subjects. 

The subjects presented in this blog were subjects I completed an A2 level in (2010/11). Have a quick glance at them below:

1) Economics (new spec from 2008) Edexcel 
2) OCR Religious Studies (G581 and G582) 

To find a topic click on the contents page above. Or you could just view a string of posts for that particular module by clicking the sidebar (Subjects). 

So why was this blog created?

Some comments...
“You have no idea how much easier your blog has made economics for me! It is a new subject for me, so i did not have that much confidence in myself but your blog has helped me ALOT!” Maheen
“THEY ARE AMAZING and I actually understand what you are saying- which is not the case when my teacher tries to explain things!” Anonymous 

"I make my compliments about your blog." E

"Love your blog. I guess it is the future of "studenting"- a real personal space of learning, that is totally self-directed." W