Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Natural Law and Sexual Ethics

Premarital Sex

Natural Law does not allow for sex to take place before marriage because sex is solely designed for procreation and according to Christian teachings sex should only happen after marriage.  Aquinas however does say that when two people are having sex for reproductive purposes then they are allowed to enjoy the pleasure.

Extramarital Sex

This would most definitely be immoral not only because it is forbidden in the decalogue but because it has no purpose. The purpose of marriage and sex after marriage is to bring up children in a stable environment and extramarital sex goes against hence is incorrect.


Contraception prevents a child from being conceived and as the purpose of the genitalia is to procreate contraception would be seen as incorrect. Aquinas does realise that sex can have unitive purposes and it has been interpreted natural contraception e.g. the rhythmic method is fine to use for this purpose.


Homosexuality does not ever result procreation and hence does not fulfil the primary precepts and is wrong.

An interesting point to note Aquinas focuses on the fact the reproductive organs are designed solely to procreate but the clitoris in the female organ does nothing except for stimulate pleasure from sexual activity could this destroy the whole argument that sex is not for pleasure?


- Clear views towards sexual ethics
- Protects children from growing up in an unstable background
- Promotes self-control and moderation in individuals


- Purpose of clitoris?
- Is it realistic to suggest couples who are infertile are forbidden from having sex and enjoying it
- Why isn't a homosexual couple treated equally to an infertile heterosexual one?

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