Monday, 1 November 2010

Analogy of the Conscience through pictures

In these images I have tried to demonstrate the common analogy that is used to describe Aquinas’ view on the conscience. The analogy goes like this;

1. There is vault which is securely locked with moral knowledge inside it. This moral knowledge consists of the 5 primary precept; Reproduction, Law and Order, Worshipping God, Education and Life.

2. In order to reach this we must use the key. The key is a virtue called prudence (Aquinas was inspired by Aristotle remember), The key can be acquired through ‘trial and error’ is you like.

3. When we acquire the key and open the moral vault we get moral knowledge which we can then practically apply to our daily moral dilemmas. This application of the primary precepts to secondary precepts is done by our conscience.

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