Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Hume and Soft Determinism

Hume and soft determinism

Unlike Honderich for Hume there is no such thing as ‘cause and effect’ but rather it is our constant conjunction of events in our minds.
He believed in both free-will and determinism. He said that we have free-will because we have a choice to act or not to act and we also have determinism because our choices are determined by ourself and external factors. For Hume free-will is self-determined. 
Hume believes for this reason ‘moral responsibility requires determinism’ and agreed with punishment.
  • It is logical and realistic.
  • It is one of the best explanations of soft determinism.
  • He explains the existence of evil and promotes legal system.
  • Incompatibilists say that it lacks the sheer power of determinism and free-will.
  • It can foster a non-caring attitude as it implies to get what you want you just have to wait.

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