Sunday, 5 June 2011

Descartes and 'I think therefore I am'

In this video I explore Descartes view on the soul and life after death. 


  1. thanks so much! this is genius! x

  2. Very good. However this can be criticised by Solipsism. Who believe that nothing can be verified, except the existence of one's own mind. I know this May sound silly, however you do need to think about it. Think about all the plausible dreams you've ever had, the ones that feel real. Could it be possible that what you see around you is nothing but a elaborate dream? You may ask the question that you have family and friends that you know are real, however people on LSD have seen and 'touched' vivid hallucinations. Therefore what can we verify? To be honest you can't verify anything, not the lovely dinner your mum cooked for you this evening, nor the car you drive or the present you received from you most beloved family member of friend. Therefore the 'I' of the mind exists but not the body!